World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development

March 03, 2020

Today we celebrate UNESCO World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development to bring awareness to the role of engineering in modern life.


In Canada and elsewhere, Comtech’s engineers have helped create sustainable development in transportation infrastructure, industrial manufacturing, energy utilities and building facilities – work that mitigates the impacts of climate change and builds a sustainable future.


We sat down with Carl Ceccarelli, Stations Manager – Scarborough Subway Extension, Consultant to Metrolinx, to hear what engineering means to him:


“Engineer comes from the Latin word ingeniare, which means to invent. After a few years of working on this profession, I would define engineering as the art of solving problems. To think, strategize, to learn from previous mistakes; that is the true meeting of the trade. I chose this career because it made sense to me. I was going to take either philosophy or performing arts, but I am very happy that I chose engineering because I can do all three with my current job. In this industry, we get to touch the lives of countless people that use the services we provide, such as highway extensions, new LRTs and power plants, just to name a few). I look forward to working in this exciting industry for the next 30 years!"