Houtan Seirafian, Comtech's Vice President of Program Management, Presents at the Oracle Construction & Engineering Day

February 24, 2020

Houtan Seirafian, Comtech’s Vice President – Program Management, gave a comprehensive presentation, which he called, “Metrolinx Modernization of Current and Future Technology”, at the Oracle Construction & Engineering Day at the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame.  This industry gathering focused on sharing strategies for success, networking, best practices and innovative strategies to optimize capital project delivery and success.  


Houtan’s engaging presentation provided the audience with best practices and innovative strategies. He also shared an overview of robust project tools that Comtech’s business systems team are developing, implementing, and managing for Metrolinx. 


More specifically, Houtan walked the audience through the journey of Metrolinx’s Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) evolution and to the planned future state. In so doing, he spoke about the challenges associated with the PMIS journey, business goals established and achieved with the PMIS including implementation of lean processes, as well as streamlining and expediting program data and reporting. He also discussed the evolution of tools, ways to keep current with technology, the benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of Oracle Primavera Unifier, and some examples of how we are overcoming them in working with Metrolinx.