Comtech Group Partners with Sargent & Lundy in Bruce Power Project Services Agreement

July 28, 2022

Comtech Group Inc., a member of the Sargent & Lundy team, was awarded a multi-year agreement by Bruce Power to provide project management and project control services at the Bruce Power Generating Station, the world's second-largest nuclear power plant.


The agreement includes oversight of Bruce Power's Major Component Replacement (MCR) Refurbishment, Project Management and Construction (PMC), Center of Site (COS) and Information Technology (IT) programs, amounting to upwards of 600 active projects. Once delivered, these projects will transform Bruce Power's energy generation capabilities, extending them beyond 2060.


“This partnership will enable us to leverage Comtech’s expertise to ensure all of our project work continues to be completed successfully,” said Jeff Phelps, Bruce Power’s Vice President, Major Projects, Projects & Engineering. “Our project work here on site is integral in supporting Ontario’s economic recovery and in helping the province to reach its climate change goals.”


"We are delighted to work alongside industry partner Sargent & Lundy in delivering this multi-faceted program for Bruce Power," said Ian Sansom, Comtech’s Vice President of Energy and Utilities. "This win presents an incredible opportunity for Comtech to expand its presence within the Canadian nuclear industry and supports our long-term vision and growth strategy."


"The synergy from combining Sargent & Lundy's project management assets and expertise and Comtech's comprehensive project delivery expertise on capital projects and infrastructure programs has resulted in one of the largest, most powerful project services teams in the nuclear power industry," said Mike Knaszak, Sargent & Lundy’s Senior Vice President, Nuclear Power. "Together, our work will make a meaningful impact on Bruce Power's support of Ontario's economic recovery and ability to help the province reach its climate change goals."


Bruce Power generating stations employ one of the world's safest nuclear reactor technologies, Canada Deuterium Uranium (CANDU). CANDU technology is currently used in 19 operational reactors in Canada, eight of which are at Bruce Power. Nuclear power is the main energy source of Ontario's electricity system and critical to Ontario and Canada's net-zero goals. The Bruce Power Generating Station supplies 27.4% of Ontario's electricity.