A Message to Our Valued Clients

March 26, 2020


Like you, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely and responding to do our part to help prevent community transmission while maintaining client service continuity. This is an unprecedented time in our history that, at least in the near term, is changing the way we all work and interact. We are concerned about the well being of our employees, our clients, our families, our friends and our community at large. Considering these challenges, Comtech is focused on continuing to provide excellent service to our clients and projects, while supporting and safeguarding the health of our people that serve you so well.


Our offices and project teams are following the guidance and recommendations of local, national and international governments and health agencies, and we have modified our work practices and protocols to safeguard the health of our people and our clients accordingly. We will continue to do so in a manner that also respects the protocols and procedures that you have established for your organizations and the integrated offices and work sites that we share. Overall, we are doing everything we can to keep our collective teams safe, while continuing to work with you to deliver on the projects and programs that are so important to our communities.


Ensuring Service Continuity


Despite these challenging times, Comtech is steadfast in our commitment to meeting your needs and continuing to achieve our project deliverables. We are working proactively and dynamically to ensure that we help keep your projects on track and to mitigate risks.


We are fortunate that with our integrated systems and tools, in combination with your support, we have the technology to ensure our teams can continue to work productively and provide outstanding service in any remote setting. Our teams are leveraging remote work best practices and rolling out integrated communication protocols to support our continued productivity and to ensure you can be regularly informed of progress on tasks and deliverables in the same manner you have come to expect.


Keeping you informed regarding how we are managing our teams remotely to ensure efficient and effective project continuity is an ongoing priority. The prudent government response to COVID-19 has created a new remote work environment for many of our integrated team members. We are actively implementing processes to support any adjustments that may be needed to ensure work can continue unfettered, approvals are processed, and important commercial and contract administration activities remain on track.


We also appreciate that this new remote work environment may present new and unique challenges for your own internal operations, and if this is the case, please let us know if you need our help. As always, we stand ready to respond with technical support, commercial support, expert resources, and roll-up-the-sleeves leadership to meet any of your unexpected needs, whether related to the pandemic, or otherwise.


Supporting Our Employees


As noted above, we are providing the necessary management and leadership support to Comtech employees who may be working remotely to ensure that our staff continue to be productive, focused and are moving apace with client deliverables. Comtech leadership is communicating with our employees on a frequent basis and is providing additional equipment and technical support as needed.


In addition, those employees who are working remotely have enhanced the tracking of their activities and progress towards key deliverables, which will then roll-up into a weekly progress log. The intent of this is to provide our program/project leadership, and you as our client, with enhanced visibility and confidence in program/project progress regardless of where the work is being performed. We anticipate providing our first weekly log to our client program/project representatives on April 3rd. Your feedback on our first log would be appreciated and is welcomed.


The Path Ahead


Although there is uncertainty as to how long these interim measures will remain in place, Comtech is committed to ensuring we continue to meet your ongoing program/project and business needs. Comtech prides itself on being a nimble organization that can quickly react to challenges we face. At the heart of Comtech, we are problem solvers, and working collaboratively with our clients to solve complex situations is at our core.


We are all in this together and Comtech is here to support you. If you have any questions, feedback, or would just simply like to talk about your challenges and how we can help, I welcome you to reach out to me directly at any time (during or after business hours) via email at Jason.Claxton@teamcomtech. com.





Jason Claxton P.Eng.

President and CEO

Comtech Group Inc.